1949    The company was established in Wertheim, Germany by Adolf Straub. He succeeded rapidly thanks to his experience as a qualified chemist, graduate of the "Drogisten-Akademie" or chemist-academy in Braunschweig, and former director of Agfa.


1958    The new company launched its first brand item, the Straub Heimdauerwelle (home perm). Until the major structural change in the industry came, Straub products were sold in more or less all the 18,000 drugstores. The family business has grown to its present size thanks to skillful management.


1980    After the death of Adolf Straub in 1980, the management was taken over by Walter Hendriok, who had participated successfully in the development since 1958.


2000    The family business is now run by the third generation, Jelto Hendriok and Markus Hendriok, and the range comprises about 500 different cosmetic products.